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The Haspeslagh Contact details have been listed as a service to Australian Pigeon Fanciers. Prices can be checked and compared!



Not all items have been listed, but a catalogue can be obtained from Haspeslagh by contacting them via email or phone. Full contact details can be found on the following pages.


Please note the following:


1. You must always check the exchange rates for Euro dollar against the Australian dollar to get an accurate indication of pricing. A quick Currency Exchange conversion can be found at the following website  


Conversion as at 19th December 2006.

eg:    1000 PIECES LIFE RINGS WOULD COST YOU 71.73 EURO, ex-works

= $120.30 Australian (12 Cents per Ring)


           1000 PIECES RACE RUBBER RINGS WOULD COST YOU 19.50 EURO ex-works

= $32.71 Australian (per Packet)



2. An International Draft will cost you around $20


3. When you place your order you will be given the freight costs involved in shipping the items to you, so you do not have any further costs!


4. Any organisation quoting GST components as part of their pricing should be checked out by going to this is a Government Website of which it will state if the Organisation is registered to charge GST or Not!.


If they are not registered to Charge GST and are doing so they should be reported to the Tax Office. Also you are only liable to pay half the price of the order to the Organisation and the other half should be remitted to the Tax Office and it is then the responsibility of the Organisation to recover and explain their actions to the Tax Office.


More Information regarding GST can be found at The Australian Taxation Official Website.


To check prices simply contact us for full details or contact Haspeslagh













For Full Price List & Contact Haspeslagh Direct or contact us!